About Mosquito Ranger®

Why would a lawn care company offer a mosquito control program? The simplest answer may be because mosquitoes use the lawn and surrounding areas as a place to live, breed and bother the homeowner and their family, (i.e. our customers). When our customers have a problem, it’s our job to help them solve it, and our Mosquito Ranger® Program is the answer.

Safer • Effective • Affordable

Enjoy Your Yard

Mosquitoes carry many diseases which not only can affect people, but pets too. The Mosquito Ranger® Program is customized to control both the adult insect and their larvae.

We use a combination of control materials consisting of natural plant extracts, essential botanical oils and bio-rational products. These materials will reduce and repel not only the mosquitoes in the area, but also other nuisance insects such as gnats and flies. We offer the safer option over harsh chemical sprays and pesticides.

Reduction in the mosquito populations occurs immediately after the first application and each treatment afterwards helps maintain an effective barrier to keep mosquitoes out. The effectiveness of the program is enhanced by timely applications, designed so there is no lapse in mosquito control coverage.

Best of all, Mosquito Ranger is affordable and comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. It’s a "no contract, no hassle" service at a reasonable price. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

  • "My wife loves this treatment. She was a mosquito magnet before and hasn’t been bitten since starting this program!" – Larry K.
  • "We have a huge lake and lots of woods and we have no mosquitoes. None." – Ginger T.
  • "We had an outside party with numerous guests and not a single complaint. Great control! We recommend this service to everyone." – Mike W.